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Tomb of Freedon Nadd
Light - PvP
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<Floor Inspectors> is seeking qualified tanks and ranged dps to join our team in upcoming nightmare operations. Raids on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. Whisper ingame for details or apply @floorinspectors.enjin.com/recruitment

Floor Inspectors is an 18+ casual - hardcore -  Social International Guild with a Unique mindset and Organisation. 
We believe in Minimizing Rules & Regulations, whilst Maximizing your Experience and Fun Factor.
Our members hail from Finland, Russia, Ireland, Greece, Israel, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Uk, Spain, Hungary, Belarus, USA,  Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Romania, Turkey & Isle of Man

Damn it Pip!
You are an officer, sorry an Irishman in a PVE guild! I repeat.. a PVE Guild!
What the Sith you are doing playing pvp Ranked WZs?
What? U are casually playing? Every now and then? O.o
Explain that title on top of you char then, "All-Galaxy Operative"!
And that ranking on the Operative Solo leaderboard Season 2.
We always knew that you are "A Special Snowflake" but... now you are scaring me...
Among the 6 best Operatives of Ranked PVP Season 2, in the world!!...
I guess that "God mode" also works on pvp and not just on pve...

Wierdly enough we do have a fanatic pvper in our guild!
You can (and should) watch our Core inspector Ruz @ http://www.twitch.tv/turbo800

P.S. No Strongholm was broken during this photoshoot. Any claims of breaking and entering are totally lies and slender! :-)
Rhyhorn did the photo have to be him ruining my house really??
Pippy a "Top 4" ...
Our Inspector Gasalon (Silviana), since he had a Gamescom ticket and is ofc a SWtor fan, attended the SWTOR Cantina Tour that arrived for the first time in Germany. The event was held at the Radisson Blu hotel in Cologne, not far from the Gamescom area and upon entry fans were greeted by Eric Musco, SWtor’s community manager. Every person was given an ingame pet code and a SWTOR USB stick with various pictures from Galactic Strongholds and also screenshots from the new Rakata Prime Flashpoint.

The event was split into three parts: a 30 minute Q&A with Eric Musco and two Producers, a buffet and the biggest part of the event, an open discussion where the Bioware employees went to different tables and sat down with the fans for very entertaining talks about the game etc. In between the questions Bioware gave away a few SWtor goodies, for which you had to answer SWtor related questions.

Before the Q&A started they made clear that they are not allowed to release non disclosed information, which caused a few diappointed faces. Still, very interesting information about the whole event and what was discussed regarding PVE/PVP and generally about the game, everyone can read on Sylviana’s original post about it on our forum.

His final words are:

"I’ve had a great time in Cologne. The people from Bioware are very friendly and entertaining people and the only thing I was really sorry for is that the event was over at 11 pm. If Bioware makes another cantina tour in Germany or Europe I will definitely be there again. Thank’s for reading". - Gasalon

P.S. Many many pictures from the Cantina tour, Gamescon and cosplayers, can be found at our gallery’s Gamescon 2014 album.

MJade a The post is more than worth reading, even if u had the pleasure of hearing everything on TS from Silviana when he came b ...
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